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Banking on local communities

Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota advocates for neighborhood banks.

Amanda becker, CAE, american academy of neurology

Get to know industry movers and shakers.

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Shooting Star

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ARE WE Creating the wrong type of conference experiences?

Everyone’s talking about the need to create customer experiences. The word is out: we’ve got to create conference experiences, not just conferences that feel like a patchwork quilt of our great grandmother’s dresses.

revenue fraud in associations

Fraud that make the headlines are typically disbursement schemes, meaning that they are frauds that occurred from the disbursement of cash, such as embezzlement and purchasing frauds. While these are very significant and should be considered by every type of organization by addressing internal controls surrounding cash disbursements, Associations may have a fraud risk that isn’t as attention grabbing.

Using mirror surveys to increase board awareness and staff effectiveness

These surveys can be fun and challenging, while helping to increase the Board’s awareness of members’ opinions and the staff’s effectiveness in dealing with members.

the messiest place in your office - and how to clean it up for good

While invisible email clutter may be easy to hide, there’s an emotional toll that comes with that mess..

board room rules to live by

It is very easy to say that a set of “rules” or guidelines will help a Board or other meeting be more effective, but putting it into practice is a different story.


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