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Helping Minnesota's Principals Back to School

The Minnesota Elementary School Principals' Association ensures the highest performance for school leaders.

jonathan curry, industrial fabrics association international

Get to know industry movers and shakers.

Featured sponsor:
roseville visitors association

Get to know this issue's featured sponsor who is helping Associations North advance associations and Move Professionals Forward.

10 av insider tips every meeting planner should know

Talk to any group of meeting planners and they’ll tell you that one of the
most frustrating elements of planning and executing any conference is the audio-visual. From planning to budgeting to on-site issues, A/V is what often keeps them up at night.
It’s mysterious and changing all the time. It’s expensive, and frankly, it can make or break an event.

give yourself an hr gut check

It’s much better to uncover compliance concerns during a routine “friendly”
assessment than from a regulatory agency or in reaction to litigation. An assessment is a checkup to see if your HR function is in compliance with applicable laws and aligned with your organizational strategy.

redefine your leadership style

The strengths we need to grow membership are different than those we use to take our association through a challenging time.

expecting a difficult conversation? it will be easier if you do this

Sometimes people think they deserve a raise when no one else agrees with them, while others seem to be surprised when you tell them that shouting profanities at customers or showing up several hours late actually is grounds for termination. By virtue of choosing to work with others, you have guaranteed that you will periodically endure more than your fair share of challenging, difficult, and grueling conversations.

Mapping your first year member journey

Are you tired of recruiting the “one and done” members? These may be the ones that seemed so excited about joining and seemed to be the perfect prospects for getting value from what you offer. Or they could be those who were a little hesitant about becoming members, but you or convinced them to join. Either way, the excitement or anticipation of value fizzled out, and these same members are on the “drop list” and probably won’t renew.


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