Associations North Name Development
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Associations North Name Development

We’re thrilled to share our inspired new logo, modern color palette and streamlined design sensibility. While the fun, focused and upbeat attitude of our organization remains unchanged, our refreshed brand better reflects our dedication and commitment in Moving Professionals Forward.

Why did you evaluate the brand?
As part of our 60th Celebration, it was a good time to hit the stop button and evaluate our organization. Our name and messaging across all communications were not consistent and were no longer in step with what the organization stands for and delivers to its members. There was confusion as to our offerings and benefits. The name itself no longer spoke to who we serve and did not resonate with prospects.  

How did you evaluate the brand?
A task force was assembled and comprised of 3 board members, 3 staff members and 3 at large members. RFPs were sent to various branding/design companies. Mercury Creative Group was selected and approved by the board. The task force, with guidance from branding experts, conducted several working sessions to uncover the brand’s essential value and key messaging that represent what the brand stands for today. Current communications were also assessed to determine how they aligned (or did not align) with the updated brand story. In the end, it was determined that the brand had evolved beyond the current expression and needed a new approach to messaging, including the brand name.  

What is the brand’s essential value and what does the brand stand for today?
In a word, advancement. Associations North is about advancing the professional and the industry. We are going places, come along with us. We are also about helping people find their true North… it’s about leadership, authenticity, and principles. It’s about how to identify and develop one’s own direction. Its not the destination, rather the journey forward. The new name and logo icon together express forward motion and advancement in a clear and compelling manner. Our new tagline, Moving Professionals Forward, helps further explain the overall essential value and brand story.            

How does this affect our relationship and affiliation with ASAE?
MSAE is not a chapter of ASAE. We are members and will continue to be members. Same relationship. New name.  

Will this affect our relationships with other Society of Association Executives (SAE) in other states?           
No. We will continue to work with SAE partners, their teams and remain connected to colleagues. Other SAE’s have been following Associations North’s journey and are supportive and excited to learn more.  

How can you find us on the web?, will now be All traffic will be re-directed. A name change is a process. Not everything will be updated immediately. A timeline and plan of work has been set. We will be sure to keep you informed.     

Will staff email addresses change?          
Yes, email addresses will be first Our office phone number remains 651-647-6388.