About Us
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Associations North is the 'association for associations' in the Midwest.

A community of more than 1,200 association members from nearly 300 Midwest associations, Associations North is your resource for professional development, continuing education, career growth, and connecting you with other association professionals.

In principle and in practice, we value and seek diversity and inclusiveness within the association management industry. We advocate for and promote involvement, innovation and expanded access to leadership opportunities that maximize engagement across underrepresented groups in Associations North membership.

Read Our Bylaws (pdf)


Our mission is to advance and serve the association management profession in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.


At Associations North, our members and their associations will thrive and grow.


Our core values are Integrity, Passion, Connection, Responsive and Inclusive


The Board of Directors will establish three strategic priority areas and goals for Associations North for 2018-2021. See strategic goals here.