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Building a Dashboard for Performance that Your Board Wants to See

“Directors should regularly ask at the board table, ‘How will we measure success on this project or event?’ By measuring progress there is accountability, continuous monitoring, and a way to sunset the program if it proves unsuccessful,” says Bob Harris, CAE. Here are some performance measures that you might want to consider to measure success, to make real-time decisions around your programs.

Annual Governance, Management & Disclosure Checkup

The Federal Form 990 is an association’s annual report to its members, the IRS, and the public, and is also an opportunity for an association to do an annual checkup on its governance and management, and demonstrate transparency to its 990 readers.

Instagram Stories: Friend or Foe?

Let’s get the question that some might be thinking out of the way: What are Instagram Stories? The short answer is that it’s Instagram’s version of SnapChat and follows the same premise. Users upload “Stories” or 15 second videos to their Instagram profile. The videos are gone from followers’ eyes within 24 hours.

Lather Up Curiosity, Rinse, Repeat!

Children are curious creatures. They explore, question and wonder, often through play. In this context, they learn. We are naturally inclined to learn new things; thus reaping curiosity’s benefits. From the moment we are born until we die, learning is hardwired into our brains. As adults, our challenge is to embrace curiosity instead of viewing it as a childish behavior that should be restrained and suppressed.

3 Revenue Generating Strategies for Your Association

While membership will continue to be a major income source for associations, it is important to focus on additional income generating opportunities. Here are three to consider.


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