Associations as a Career
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Associations as a Career Path

Did you know?

There is an association for everyone.

Associations touch the lives of people on a daily basis -- whoever you are, whatever you do, there is somebody in an association working on your behalf.

Associations play a pivotal role in making purposeful connections to people and information, but a sense of community is at the heart of the association profession. 

Associations by definition are a group of people banded together for a specific purpose. They work towards a common goal and are distinctive in purpose, focus and scope. Generally speaking, there are three types of associations; professional, trade and charitable organizations. 

Professional Associations

Professional associations are comprised of individuals who have common subject knowledge varying from financial, medical, legal and want to use their knowledge for professional or monetary gain. Professional associations often provide a platform to exchange ideas, offer professional development and education, lobby and give members networking opportunities. Examples include American Collections Association, MN Dental Association, MN State Bar Association and American Academy of Neurology. 

Trade Associations

Trade associations are comprised businesses organized to promote products, establish ethics, improve operations, lobby, research and protect the trade. Examples include the MN Automobile Dealers Association, MN Builders Association and MN Hospital Association.

Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations are involved in fundraising, public information campaigns and are funded by donors and contributors not membership. Examples include Breast Cancer Education Association, Neighbors, Inc. and Matter. 

Facts about Local Associations

  • MN Turkey Growers Association – Minnesota is the #1 producer of turkeys in the United States, home to 450 turkey farmers who raise approximately 45 million turkeys annually on 600 farms.
  • Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS® - coined the term REALTOR® and sold it to the National Association of REALTORS® for $1.00 in 1916. This year REALTOR® associations across country are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the
    Term REALTOR®. It all started in Minneapolis.
  • MN Nursery & Landscape Association - Thousands of family-owned companies are part of Minnesota's nursery and landscape industry. Collectively, they generate yearly sales of more than $1.9 billion and have a $3.5 billion direct effect on Minnesota’s economy.
  • Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents' Association - Minnesota golf courses are a communities’ largest rain garden with over 70,000 acres of green space creating pollinator habitat, wildlife corridors, ground water recharge and pollution mitigation while providing 35,000 jobs annually and stimulating Minnesota’s economy by 2.3 billion dollars annually.  Golf is also a healthy recreation for 750,000 Minnesotans. 
  • Minnesota Retailers Association -  Over 50,000 retailers across the state support 780,000 Minnesota jobs, directly touching 20 percent of our state’s economy. We support the vibrancy of retailers to the benefit of consumers, workers, and communities.
  • The Builders Association of the Twin Cities - Presents the Parade of Homes, Remodelers Showcase and Artisan Home Tour, the largest and most successful home tours in the nation. Reaching over 200,000 housing-­‐interested consumers each year, the tours put real prospects into our builder and remodeler members' sales funnels at a seriously high return on investment.