Affinity Programs
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Member Savings Programs

On behalf of our member organizations, Associations North has done the research for you! Associations North offers group purchasing programs to save your association or company money, provide you quality products and services and offer a new non-dues revenue option for your association.

Please keep in mind that these programs are designed to save you time and money. Many are satisfied with their existing companies, but we encourage you to add these programs to your list of consideration. At minimum, check them out and seek a competitive bid - it might surprise you

Through a strategic partnership with, Associations North members can receive 50% one-time implementation costs for the industry’s leading membership management system.

About is the leading engagement platform for connecting people and organizations to the opportunities they value most. Our membership management software, career centers, marketing tools and learning management systems lay the foundation for a simpler, more efficient engagement program. Our innovations help people and organizations succeed faster, grow stronger and communicate better by enabling data-driven, personalized interactions. Membership Management System

  • Provides comprehensive membership management solutions for thousands of organizations worldwide with over 20 million members, with 1.8 million new members added and over 70,000 events managed annually
  • A flexible, SaaS-based membership management system that delivers more value to members and requires less organizational resources
  • Better, faster, easier technology at a fraction of the cost of alternatives in the marketplace
  • Integration that eliminates duplicate data entry and the importing and exporting of data between separate systems
  • Delivers valuable business intelligence as members connect, collaborate and share across online communities and throughout your site
  • Fully updated and mobile designed Websites and Admin UI that surfaces key operational data on a configurable dashboard and allows users and members to access and view content at any time on any device

For more information, please visit or contact us at 727-827-0046 and remember to mention your membership in Associations North to save on implementation costs.

Ready to switch to the industry’s leading provider of membership software? Click here for details.

First time considering membership software? See our 10-steps to buying a membership management system.

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Go To Meeting \ Go To Webinar

Online Webinars and Meetings Made Easy

Perfect for any board or committee meetings, online training events or educational webinars. has used this service for years and we love it! Increase the number of events you offer while significantly cutting your travel budget.

Program Features

• One Organizer
• Unlimited GoToWebinar® sessions with a maximum of 1,000 participants per session
• Unlimited GoToMeeting® sessions with a maximum of 25 participants per session
• Ability to record and store GoToMeeting® sessions or GoToWebinar® sessions to your local computer
• Ability to add more accounts for an additional 10% discount
• will provide your initial support for questions for this service
• One year contract

If you have questions about the program or would like to sign up, please contact Bill Yarbrough at or call 512-366-7108.

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