Meetup Groups
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Meetup Groups

Networking Groups are now Meetup Groups! Everything else the same, just a fresh, new name!

As an association professional, you can't have all the answers. Often the best and most timely answers to your difficult questions are best answered by your fellow Associations North members.

Meetup groups are small, informal meetings comprised of Associations North members who have shared interests. Meetup Groups discuss issues, ideas and trends on many areas of association and non-profit management. Stay informed, learn new skills, meet Associations North members -- and of course have a good time!

All members of Associations North are eligible to participate. Meetings are free for members. However, any planned event will be self supporting. Associations North offers a variety of Meetup Groups based on areas of interest. Click here to join a Meetup Group today.

Advocacy Meetup

Advocacy Meetup is ideal for association professionals who have an interest in government relations, public policy and advocacy.

Chair: Libbie Chapuran, LeadingAge Minnesota

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CEO Meetup

CEO Meetup is a group of individuals who represent the special professional development interests, issues, and concerns specific to the role of CEO in a non-profit association environment. This group is exclusively meant for association CEOs and Executive Directors.

Chair: N/A

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Communications Meetup

Communications Meetup is for those involved in communication activities at their associations.This includes public relations, publications, website, social media, etc.

Chair: Amy Thompson, MN Elementary School Principals Association

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Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Meetup

Diversity & Inclusion Meetup group brings diverse individuals together to discuss topics of interest to those in diverse communities.

Chair: Donnie Brown, Housing First Minnesota

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Meetings Meetup

Meetings Meetup discusses topics that relate to the meeting planning industry and educational programs. This group is ideal for those who deal with various event planning. While business partners are welcome to attend and participate in this Meetup, the group’s purpose is the open dialogue of ideas, policies, and suggestions regarding meeting and event planning and not sales/promotional activities.

Chair: Ashleigh Esselman, MEA Midwest Energy

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Membership Meetup

Membership Meetup meets to discuss topics of interest to those responsible for membership development, engagement, recruitment and retention.

Chair: Trish Stevens, Hospitality Minnesota

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yourmembership Meetup

yourmembership Meetup Group meets to discuss tips and tricks and various topics for those using the yourmembership database platform.

Chair: Kate Cole

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