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Compensation & Benefits Study

A must-read for association CEOs, CFOs, board members and human resource professionals. The Associations North Compensation & Benefits Study was produced with the Association Societies Alliance and includes data from over 1,300 organizations nationally and more than 85 in the Midwest.

This study is an important tool to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, provides due diligence information for your Board and supports your compliance with IRS Governance, Management and Disclosure section of the Form 990.

Associations North's Compensation & Benefits Study includes:

  • Relevant data that can be used in making salary and benefit recommendations.
  • Provides compensation information for 37 job classifications.
  • Offers comparisons based on salaries, budget sizes, staff size, and membership size.
  • National summary and state-by-state comparisons. Retirement, insurance and health benefits, including staff and CEO-specific data.
  • Contract conditions, performance review and bonus summaries. Compensation by scope of operations, membership structure and staff size.

Among many other statistics, the 2017 Compensation & Benefits Study found that:

  • 401(k) retirement plans are offered by 58% of survey participants.
  • Staff with a minimum one year of service receive a mean of 73 hours of annual vacation and 66 hours of sick leave (or 97 hours of paid time off in a PTO system).
  • 77% of CEO benefits are commonly paid professional membership dues.
  • Organizations spend a median of $2,000 for CEO Professional development, $1,500 for other upper management; and $1,000 per person for other staff.
  • 40% of participants report having foundations and 17% a for-profit subsidiary.
  • Gender in top positions has shifted; now 49% of CEO/EDs and 66% of COO/Deputy Directors are female.
  • CEO/EDs report a mean of 10.6 years in position.

The 2017 Compensation & Benefits Study is available for purchase at the following rates:

  • Participant - $94 (includes $5 shipping & handling)
  • Member Non-Participant - $164 (includes $5 shipping & handling)
  • Non-Member - $254 (includes $5 shipping & handling)

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